Building a community is not just about building new homes; it is also about creating the correct infrastructure and environment for the residents, and providing links both within the community and between the community and its wider geographical location.

Barking Riverside London has already won acclaim and awards for its design and layout, and it is already benefiting from new bus transport links and amenities. As the hub of a new community, the Rivergate Centre provides schooling and neighbourhood facilities, including; health centres; places of worship; community leisure and sports facilities. These, in addition to the open spaces and parkland, help inspire a community feel that offers all residents a better way of living.

Community Interest Company (C.I.C)

The Barking Riverside Community Interest Company (C.I.C) was set up in 2009 following the start of preparation for development.

The intention is for this company to inherit the common parts of the Barking Riverside estate and to own the asset for the benefit of the community.  This will include maintaining the estate, promoting and organising community events and generating estate income. 

The CIC will initially be set up in partnership with Barking Riverside and the London Barking and Dagenham Council with two directors from each representing the CIC Board.

Current Directors:

Councillor Darren Rodwell (LBBD)
Councillor Cameron Geddes (LBBD)
Mr Matthew Carpen (BRL)
Mr John Joannou (BRL)

It also acts as an interface between the new and existing communities providing community services and information for new residents.


A flagship scheme in partnership with NHS England

Find out more - visit lbbd.gov.uk

The approach includes:

  • Creating a unique co-production partnership with the community, through a Community Interest Company, to harness existing and emerging assets.
  • Collaborating with pioneering academics to create new knowledge on the contribution of green spaces and waterways to improving health and reducing health inequalities.
  • Applying the latest learning on ‘age-friendly’ built environments and public spaces, and ensuring Barking Riverside is liveable and inclusive for all ages.
  • Embedding new models of health and social care delivery and innovation, through Care City NHS Innovation Test Bed.
  • Supporting social regeneration and community cohesion between old and new communities.

Community Hub

The hub of the new community, the Rivergate Centre, provides schooling, places of worship, eating and drinking outlets, as wells as leisure and recreational facilities. There will also be plenty of public open spaces, both within the built environment (such as public squares) and in the natural surroundings.


The development, when finished, will boast a total of seven schools. The largest Free School in the UK will educate 1700 pupils from September 2017. The 'Riverside Campus', led by The Learning Partnership Trust, will meet primary, secondary school and Special Educational Needs. The Trust has already established a secondary school in Barking (Sydney Russell School) which has been judged ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

The existing primary school on the development site, the George Carey Church of England School, continues to excel, with the children achieving the highest Key Stage Two outcomes across the borough. The school has 630 pupils plus 78 part-time nursery places. Since the school opened in 2011 it has been very much at the heart of the community.


As the development proceeds, a number of community events are planned for the residents of Barking Riverside London. Residents can check the events calendar here to see what’s planned. The events will be designed to appeal to all residents, young and old, helping to nurture a greater sense of community.


Barking Riverside London in the East of London is a 15 year development project, where the inhabitants will be part of a vibrant and dynamic community. Engagement with local people – including, but not limited to, existing residents – will be central to on-going planning consultation.

Our next public consultation will be taking place on 22nd June 2017.

What's New

As construction on the development continues and with a series of exciting activities planned, this is the best place to keep up to date with all the exciting developments.

In the Area

With a truly diverse selection of shops, pubs, restaurants, parks and sporting facilities, there is something for everyone in the local area..

About Us

Barking Riverside London is a partnership between the Greater London Authority (GLA) and L&Q. The partners will be working together to drive housing delivery on this site to over 600 homes per annum.

Barking Riverside is a brand new town being created along 2km of the River Thames.