The Development


Outline planning permission was granted in 2007 for 10,800 homes that will create a new piece of City in London housing 29,000 people on the former power station site. This includes provision for 65,000sq.m. commercial floor space for shopping, restaurants, cafes, community and leisure facilities, healthcare and schools. There will also be large proportion of public open space, public squares and a brand new rail station with bus and river transport interchange providing links to central London.


A new vision for the development is being progressed that will accommodate a new rail design strategy bringing the London Overground to the centre of the site.  This new plan will still provide the same number of homes and mix of uses as set out in the original permission but will vary the overall layout of the development to accommodate the rail changes as set out in the new Masterplan which was submitted to Barking & Dagenham Council in January 2016.


The masterplan relies on the delivery of a new railway line.  The current proposal is to extend the Gospel Oak to Barking line down to Barking Riverside where it will terminate at a new station by the Riverside.  Transport for London is promoting the new rail line to the site and has undertaken three rounds of public consultation over the last 18 months.  The programme is to submit for Government approval in Spring 2016 seeking Transport and Works Act Order powers to develop the new railway line.  It is likely that a public inquiry will be required and held in late 2016 early 2017 with construction targeted to start in mid to late 2017.  The operational rail is planned to be open by 2021.


Delivery progress

The project has delivered approximately 700 homes currently occupied.  The remaining 689 units in phase 1 will come forward in two phases up to 2017.

Stage 2

BRL has also started infrastructure works on stage 2 which includes the preparation of ponds and the development platform for the new Secondary school which started construction in August 2015 and will accommodate 1,800 secondary school pupils, primary and special educational needs school.